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SCP-087-b-1 Is known as the 'masked man', the 'smile man', and the 'face'. this is the creature that will spawn in the hallways of 087-B commonly.

  • death
  • origin
  • SHIT!!!
  • concept
Scp 087 b by theloyalrainbowdash-d555kog

imagine that staring at you while you sleep...


The smile man will make its 1st appearence only as a light jumpscare, as he appears for a split second, accompanied by a jump sound effect.

The second appearance, is shortly after the 1st. The hallway you are in will grow darker with another sound, and after a few seconds, the masked man will begin walking towards the player, and upon impact, kill the player.

The third appearence is a while after the second. The hallway will again grow darker and have the same sound, but will be cut short by a loud horror sound, and the man will appear at the end of the hallway, and will dissapear, the re-appear in the middle, than repeat once more, but will be right at the start of the hallway, often causing a player-freakout.

The fourth appearence is the ending. The same as the second action will occur, though the walking animation is gone. It will mereley slide to the end of the tunnel towards the player and kill them. There isnt an escap from that event.


When the smile man is in his 1st attack phase, go to the start of the corridor he is appearing in. Do the same with the second attack.


feel free to add photos!

The origin of this entity is from an image of two white eyes and a demented smile peircing a black background, only the masked man has a slightly different smile and his eyes are black.

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